MM Hadronyche Macquariensis
The new pair is now confirmed H.Macquariensis, but I'm not disappointed I think this a completely new species to the captive hobby, and I have the first breeding pair! Keeping him in a small jar for now since I hear its better for MMs to have smaller setups to conserve energy from wandering..?
By the way only 6 bites of these have been recorded and one them resulted in severe envenomation. Very little research has been done on these and I reckon they have the potential to up there with A.Robustus. Definitely above H.Valida in my opinion.
@WildSpider no problem. I read it somewhere then heard the Dark Den say he somewhat prefers giving his males more space but acknowledged the practice, and to me it makes sense as the male would otherwise be jogging around the container all night. Apparently H M don't grow too big so I might even be able to breed the 2 of them already despite the females size
@RezonantVoid I wonder if this could also help the MM's lifespan since he can't wander as much. I read part of the pinned thread about solifugids (in the "True Spiders & Other Arachnids" forum) before and this post is what made me wonder:

It might be a bad idea to compare true spiders and solifugids but I'm still curious. I have my MM E. atrica (I was hoping to breed him but I never found an unfertilized female for him) in a fairly small enclosure and he's been doing really well there. His abdomen is pretty plump and he really hasn't done a whole lot of wandering.
@WildSpider I kept my last remaining Arbanitis trapdoor male in a container similar in size to this one and was surprised to see how long he lasted, probably 4 months after his molt as opposed to an average of 1-3 weeks in the wild (to be fair that's including predation and drowning etc) but he went for ages and didn't wander much aside from when he was paired

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