MM found at Lake Elsinore

MM found at Lake Elsinore

@Rhino1 There are supposedly 18ish known T’s to live in California.

The most common in my area are the A. Jonnycashi, A. eutylenum, A. smithi, and A. spp.

The A. jonnycashi are the ones I see the see most of. It is ridiculously hot here and I live in farm lands next to the grassy rolling hills in central California. Perfect place to live to find these guys.

The roads are covered with the males out looking for love in September and October. Which is also hunting season for me so I find more A. eutylenum in the lower mountain areas.

The ones in the pictures were found 6 hours south from me. Along with some beautiful make run for my life pink colored rattle snakes.
this is iodius. male iodius and eutylenum can be easily told apart by carapace color- eutylenum males have a greenish-blonde carapace, iodius have a golden carapace more like chalcodes.

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