Midnight the Bun

Midnight the Bun

One of my 3 rabbits. She's the only one that absolutely DEMANDS attention, so she's earned the nickname The Neediest Kid. She looks like a dope with her eyes shut cuz she had yet to realize I stopped petting her
@CitizensOfTheWomb I can't even describe how soft she is. The fur between her ears and right above her tail are the best things ever. And she looooves being pet, so she would probably be in sheer bliss if you pet her for a thousand years :rofl:
@BC1579 She's a particularly large female Grammostola pulchra. A bad molt left her with only four legs and upwards facing pedipalps (they almost look like ears). Oddly enough, she shows no interest in insect prey, but seems quite fond of veggies, hay, and rabbit food :confused:
@shutout2000 Nope, she's a pet. I knew that was a question that would be asked if I posted a picture of a rabbit on this site, so I was prepared for that. Lol. I love reptiles, but I couldn't own any that aren't insectivores or herbivores

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