Mesobuthus macmahoni

Mesobuthus macmahoni

M. macmahoni - Adult Male - Pakistan
Are these communal or at least somewhat communal like gibbosus and martensii? How large are they as adults? There isn't much info on these out there it seems.
honestly I am pretty new to this species so I wouldn't be able to comment with any certain accuracy. I'm sure I could gather some information for you if you are looking to keep this species. I have a few adult pairs and a handful of 2i but all of them are kept separate due to my lack of knowledge with them.
as to how large...they are a fairly small species. the 2i are tiny. the adults are in the range of most centruroides with more girth or perhaps a 1/4 smaller than adult hottentotta hottentotta.
Ah that'll scare me away from them haha. Can't handle small species right now due to the strangest shortage of small feeders I'm having. Hopefully my lateralis eggcases finally hatch very soon and that'll get me to buy 'em. Been inquiring with Giorgio (who has them for sale right now) so I'm trying to see what I should get lol.
majority of mine were his stock as well. if you are steering away from smaller species, steer clear of them in 2-3i. they are very tiny. .... 1/8" crickets are a big meal for them. but the adults are awesome. I think you should get a couple hundred of them! :)
@ButhidaeBomb Been super interested in those Androctonus sp. Mardin he has. What are your thoughts on them so far? How large are they as adults (if you have any)?
I don't have any adults of those yet. mine are still 3-4i. so far they seem to be in the same range as crassicauda, etc. I spectulate they will be similar to crassicauda or baluchicus. care seems similar to any other androc out there. Giorgio will know more if you have specific questions.

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