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Megaphobema robustum

Adult Female

Megaphobema robustum
CEC, Jun 22, 2017
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      First good photo of this species I have ever seen.
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    • CEC
      @KezyGLA Thanks Vlad! Many more to come. Hopefully your interest hasn't peaked. ;)
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    • BCspiderman7
      Is this species terrestrial? OW or NW? Looks like they get fairly big......I am thinking of getting a T that grows big like a OBT or Goliath bird eater.
    • Flexzone
      @BCspiderman7 Given enough sub they'll tunnel and make a burrow, mines comes out pretty much at night, They are NW Ts.. Have you considered A. genic?
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    • KezyGLA
      @BCspiderman7 OBT dont grow large. You should look into Phormictopus :D very underrated genus. Large and affordable:)
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    • KezyGLA
      @CEC well this species certainly isnt one of my favourites, but thats probably because I have only been seeing skewed shots of crunched specimens down holes until now :hilarious:
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    • vespers
      Nice pic. My Mature Male would certainly love her, too.
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    • CEC
      @KezyGLA They are interesting to say the least. I don't know if other Megaphobema have the same defensive behavior as this species, I have never kept adults of other species. Not your typical threat display... She puffs up and becomes a stiff stilt leg, only way I can describe it. She refuses to move when irritated, if you startle her with the slightest nudge, she pounce bites then puffs right back up again. The mature male I had also displayed the same behavior when threatened. You can forget about getting her to walk or run to where you want her. Best to scoop her up using something flat like poster board or a paper plate. When she was younger she relied on those wicked barbs on her back legs to kick hair at me but those days are obviously long gone, she hasn't kicked hairs at me since she was a juvie.
      @vespers Thanks! She was paired this molt cycle several times, still waiting for her to drop or molt. I'm thinking the latter is more probable at this point.
    • KezyGLA
      @CEC sounds cery similar to Xenesthis
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    Jun 22, 2017
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