Mama T.  Wild caught. Philippines
Gelli Dane

Mama T. Wild caught. Philippines

Happy Mother's Day to this Mama Tarantula! xD Anyone that can Id? I caught this from a primary forest. Arboreal T. 8 cm from spinerrets to chelicerae. Female (with 30+slings), I only took 5 slings. Thanks!
Were the slings second instar..?

If you'd like a good guess, a locality would be needed. Nothing super specific, just what part of the Phillipines.
@Gelli Dane until then they usually depend on the mother for protection. Personally I don't know if I would taken the mother from the slings.

Regardless, can you give me a locality? I'm quite interested in this spider.
@Venom1080 I caught it in the southern part of the Philippines, my work prevents me from giving the specifics so that's all that I can say. :) Well, I've been catching wild tarantulas for more than 2 years now, and it's a first to catch a true arboreal species, I assumed that they are relatively few in distribution and so I didnt really wanna take all the slings. That's why.
@louaroque Thank you!! It does look similar or maybe they are from the same genus? I'll try to compare at WSC data on the genus and see. Btw, louaroque do you know anyone that can confirm my It'd help me so so much! Thanks :)
It looks like Cyriopagopus sp. for sure. I googled the genus in images and C.Schioedtei looks pretty similar to this one

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