Male western black widow
@NYAN yeah, I couldn't decide either at first. What's made you change your mind, the abdominal pattern?
I found a HUGE female black widow at my house. Should I catch it and sell it (half joking)
You should catch her and keep her as a pet. They are quite fascinating. I got one a few months ago, she laid eggs, now I’m raising 10 babies! If not that leave her be.
@NYAN IDK if I could keep a black widow, I don't want to let it be though because, well its a long story. So I moved and at my new house there are lizards, and my dog has sense discovered them, and really REALLY wants to eat them, so she sticks her head in all the crevices in the trees looking for lizards, but thats where the black widow is, and I don't want her to get bit by it because I've heard it can be fatal to dogs and cats (could just be people feeding the "all spiders are deadly" myth).
Why couldn’t you keep one? They are the easiest spiders to keep no joke. Get a deli cup, put some materials for it to web on, feed it once a week and you’re good. Your concerns about your dog or you being bitten aren’t unwarranted however, they aren’t inclined to bite and when they do it’s a dry bite most of the time. There was someone on here who was bitten by 2 latrodectus back to back the same day and both were dry bites. If your dog does sticking it’s nose in the web, the spider will most likely retreat or ball up.

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