Making a home
L. violaceopes 1" not sexed.
I love a busy builder. I am always amazed on how a T will customize it's enclosure and build a home. Makes up for rarely seeing it. Look how it builds up the dirt tube. I may need more depth in the substrate.
If they keep the dirt low I don’t mind but there is something about thick heavy white webbings every that I love the most. Reminds me of my favorite Indiana Jones movie. I would love to walk through that many webs.
I love Arachnoboards. Most people just can't relate. People look oddly at a 6ft dude getting excited over spiders and their webbings and habits. I must look like a giant kid.:happy:

That part in Indiana Jones always creeped me out. Ofcourse as a kid I was terrified of spiders in general. Imagine running through that webbing and having ten large B. hamorii all over you. No thanks!
@Dman dream come true as a kid too. I am going to need a bigger catch cup. Haha

Agreed about AB 100%. I am surprised I haven’t joined years ago. It’s great to talk to other people about your passions instead of the looks, the eww gross comments and the stigma that you are just weird.
Side note: I was a closet hobbyist for a long time. Always had at least one tarantula in the living room but everything else was in my room. Very few go into my room.

One day my little cousin was having a meet my new baby party and there were tons of people. I told him that I had a spider pick up had enclosures ready to go before they arrived and would come after. The plane was late and I told my cousin I wasn’t going to make it because I had to take care of my spiders first. He said I could come there and rehouse because he didn’t want me to miss it.

Wrap things up, I ended up talking about my spiders for two hours to everyone at the party. Even went home and brought back some that are always out because for the first time, everyone was actually interested and the all kids were fully engaged.

As things go, one thing lead to another and I Have just got my 2nd booking for spiders. The first one was another party for kids. The one I was called for today was for a small private elementary school!! I am so excited to share this with people but this is next level that I was not excepting.

I am going all out on this next one for the school. With take home pictures for the kids, crafts, videos, short quiz, and working on a short story about the life a C. Marshalli from her perspective. I haven’t actually told anyone about this aside from own children but I got this call 4 hours ago and I am so pumped about it.
@Drea I have an odd phobia of social media and have never had a Facebook or Instagram account. I used to visit AB as a guest for info and viewing and it was a friend that convinced me to join. Glad I did and I feel the need to contribute financially. I haven't looked into it yet.
Ok sorry about the novel.

Short version, I can relate to your excitement over spiders. Haha
My wife is a fifth grade teacher and she has asked if I will bring some in for show and tell or maybe a biology lesson. Kids love it at that age.

The T. party for kids sounds really cool. I am glad you get to do it. I wish someone was there to introduce me to T's at a young age. I probably wouldn't have been so fearful for so long. I didn't start collecting until later in life.
@Dman it’s not very much and there are 3 options.

$5 a month if you need to use the classifieds.

$20 or $25 for a year and you can use the classifieds but you get some other cool features too.

$50 a year you get the above stuff plus even more cool features. Like more emotioncons and a few other things.

I plan to do the $50 just So I can upload pictures straight into a thread without posting it the gallery first. You can also change your title and the color.

Plus I only know of two moderators on here and they are both amazing people. I mind contributing to their pay check because they both have always answered every question and have a ton of knowledge.

Perhaps they can tell you more about it or lead you to the right place about being a contributor.

@cold blood @Ungoliant
@Dman You should do it. Kids are taught that spiders are dangerous, scary, things and to run or kill it on sight. My parents told me the same thing but I have always been that kid who never listened to anything my elders said.
As far as the depth of the substrate, I wouldn’t add more because she won’t really use it. She is using the dirt to make her own hide because there are no leaves. Try adding a few leaves from the middle and up of the bark and she won’t use the substrate anymore. I add flowers to mine and they use those too.

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