M/f? Pamphobeteus Sp South Ecuador

M/f? Pamphobeteus Sp South Ecuador

Pamphobeteus sp South Ecuador
I'm not too familiar with the spermatheca morphology of this species but I'm pretty sure I see two objects that appear to somewhat superficially resemble the spermatheca of some other species of Pamphobeteus. I have a couple of cheat sheets which show some spermatheca designs.

I'm gonna go with FEMALE
This is a male for sure. 100% male.

@Herpetologydude, I see how you thought that it was female, but the spermathecae would be a little lower down and they would be accompanied by the uterus externus (clear flap looking structure). When you see that circular "patch" on the inside or outside of that area of the T, this indicates a male. So since there are no spermathecae or uterus externus, this is a male. Hope this helped :).

-Jake Huff

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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