M. Balfouri Juvie
My Monocetropus Balfouri is much smaller but already has dark navy legs, and a golden hue on his carapace and booty. I am 99.99 percent sure mine is a male. Is yours a female by chance?
These guys are actually kind of easy. The males have two little tan dots between the book lungs and above the vents.
It is terrestrial with a taller anchor. He has tunnels leading up, down, under, across, side ways, with multiple entrances and exits. I noticed right away that this dude loves to climb. I redid his house with that rock and that’s when he started building his empire.

If you build it, he will web it up.
@Drea that’s awesome. The molt I had was too messed up to sex. I’ll keep an eye out for the underside once it comes out of its web funnel it’s been in since molting on the 8th.
Hopefully you will get a good look. It shouldn’t be much longer. Please share a picture when it emerges again to see the new colors.

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