M balfouri, a bit less than 2"
Best photo so far, hope it 's too bad... Would really appreciate any educated guess, cause i have no freaking idea what sex it is :)
Not clear enough to give a confident answer, but assuming that white spot is a glare since it's off-center I'm going to say I'm leaning female with this one.
Got it, thanks for effort, folks :) little one looks fat, should be molting soon, so if get lucky enough to get a decent molt, will try to use kids microscope and sex it properly :)
Mine looks 100% male from ventrals but as you saw, she was female. I know that all tarantula have different ventrals but my friend has one of these and his also looked male but turned out 100% female.
@MrGhostMantis I ventral sex most of my slings by 2" and then molt confirm later. Can't be bothered to fumble with small molts. I find it very accurate, it's all about getting a nice clear picture. Although certain species are more difficult until larger sizes, such as C. cyaneopubescens.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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