Lucanus cervus

Lucanus cervus

Such awesome beetles. Males started flying already and are everywhere around here :)
That is awesome! I miss keeping stag beetles when I lived in Japan. And almost every time when stag beetles are sold here in the U.S. they are U.S. species (always like this due to laws) and are sold as grubs. I can't keep grubs due needing rotting wood and practically every tree in San Diego county has is a eucalyptus or has been exposed to them which apparently posses pesticidal (i know it's not a word but I can't remember the correct term) capabilities?
@Stugy Do you not have any flying around at the moment?
No idea where in USA you are from but if you have a forest nearby you could find some or am i wrong :p?
They should be flying for at least a month so i hope i will be able to take some photos of the big ones:). I've also seen some Dorcus parallelipipedus crawling around! Another interesting sp. but it lacks the huge mandibles

I would like to find the European rhinocerous beetle (Oryctes nasicornis). Have never seen one in the nature
@Tuffz @Stugy California doesn't have many large rhinos/stags. The most notable stags we have are probably Ceruchus sp. and the rugose stag beetle. Both tiny. The only "big" stag/rhino we have is Megasoma sleeperi, and those have a VERY restricted range and are rare.
@Tuffz Nice find :). I just have a question - are You sure about timing? I would say that their season should be ending around this time, not starting.

O. nasicornis are amazing creatures, they are actually quite common, but hard to meet as they spend most of time underground even as adults. :)
@Tuffz Absolutely no forests nearby and I've hadnt seen a live stag/rhino beetle since I left Japan in 2013
Well my old Yugoslavian book about animals in Europe says that they fly from june to july so mid-season i guess :p?

I hope i will see one this year. So weird that i never even encountered one :s
Interesting to hear, here their season is from May to June and usually only few females and small males survive to July.

Good luck :)

You inspired me to post some photos of local insects :)
I checked them out. Amazing speciemens. I always wanted to see the R. alpina but only found many of other Cerambycidae sp. (Mostly Morimus funereus and Aromia moschata- these are awesome! And their smell is amazing)

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