LP or LD?
LK :p.

Honestly, depending on the lighting, I think this looks most like a klugi. They have the strongest contrast between black legs/carapax and red abdomen. The LP is overall more grey-ish with slightly pink hair on the abdomen and the LD is very fluffy - they have longer and more hair than the other two.
@The Grym Reaper Maybe. It's hard to tell from a pic, especially as the differences are subtle and the coloring in a pic depends on lighting. I still think it looks more like klugi. Here's my LD. The colors are a bit more muted and she's very fluffy.

I figure I should add she was sold as something along the lines of a Brazilian fire red tarantula. It lines up with difficilis, but who knows?
I looked at the other pics, too. It can very well be a difficilis. It's very hard to tell from a pic since, as I said, the differences in coloring are subtle. If she isn't that red in person, then yeah, LD is it. I don't think it's an LP - she has too much color for that, LPs are mainly grey. Btw, difficilis is the smallest of the 3, hardly ever surpassing 7". So, if it gets much bigger than that you will need to reevaluate ;)
I have to throw in my vote for an LP. A nice LP has that kind of color. It is really hard to tell from a picture, but I've got an LP that is that colorful. Unless you start looking at wee biological differences, I think you may just have to wait and see how big she proves out.

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