Bought this as a Brachypelma Verdezi and I confirmed it female after first molt.
The left is the old pic and the right is the after-molt pic, someone told me it may not be a Verdezia and I'm not sure
It's definitely not a Brachypelma verdezi that's for sure, verdezi have a dark triangle around the eye area on the carapace not unlike B emilia. That looks more B vagans to me congratulations on the female
Sabulosum or vagans, how much did you pay for the spider? I would question the seller if you paid over the odds since vagans are cheap
@Cuppy not from a photo. Red rumps cant usually be identified from a photo. You would need to inspect an in-tact moult to check for taxonomal features that would determine the species. The chances are it is hybridised anyway.
@Cuppy Unfortunately it's like @KezyGLA as stated its nigh on impossible to id through a picture when there's a few similar species the best we can probably do is tell you what it's not

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