Little Purpurea

Little Purpurea

Still probably my cutest one imo..
nice shot. always tough to get a good pic through the side of the cage.
mines either dead or molting upright currently, hoping for the latter.
@Venom1080 Oh man, I do too. :( Yea, I had some trouble with glare. I was really worried about using this enclosure as well when I got it because of the lack of cross ventilation. I keep it dry with just a bottle cap of water and it's molted twice for since so I'm not too concerned now.. She's webbed up quite a bit too, as you can see.
@Gman32176 dead most like. no change. stupid cage opens like velcro, i think that disturbed it too much. didnt think it was molting cause it was right side up in its web. :(
@Venom1080 idk man, I have a bad habit of messing with mine when I shouldn't, including picking up the enclosures when they're molting (usually before i know what they're doing) and I've never had one interrupt its molt. Even had a bad experience where I thought my balfouri was dehydrated and I kept messing with it, even then it still found a spot and molted fine for me. :/ maybe it could've been something else?
@Gman32176 possibly too dry. ive only been keeping avic slings for about a year now and keep them all mostly dry with a water dish. i wasnt worried when i thought it was molting and i disturbed it. i was certain it would molt through and be fine. youre probably right in it being something else.
@Venom1080 I just got into them and only have this one and my older Avic avic. :x sounds exactly like how i keep mine, except i dont have any cross ventilation.. I always hear thats a must, but mine seems to be thriving.
@Venom1080 well it's in the top, as you can tell. It doesnt stay too dry. The spot under her bottle cap stays kinda damp but I make sure it doesnt get stuffy in there.. Anyways, im sorry man. :c hope its just a really slow molt, but it doesnt sound like it...

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