Latrodectus menavodi
Thanks, everyone! I photograph arachnids and insects as a hobby; I only post photos occasionally here, but I post a lot more on my Instagram (iamjoeypearce), if you're into that sort of thing.
Is this a wild specimen? If not do you have a solution for cleaning their containers? Every time I have kept these I have the issue of changing the substrate without wrecking their website because if if messy they are
@RezonantVoid for my enclosures (including this one), I always create a little "teepee" of sorts with some thin plastic rods by poking them into the substrate and leaning them against each other in the middle. Usually, my widows keep their webbing on just the rods, which leaves me some room to pluck out boli with tongs around them without harming their web. I also keep a few free-range dubia roaches in the sub at the bottom of my widow enclosure; they happily munch on the leftover carcasses as well and help keep it clean, and since my widow is in a glass enclosure, they've never been able to climb up to where she is so I don't worry about her safety with them (she'd happily ensnare them and eat them anyway if they tried).
Ive thought about keeping widows but wuss out. Same with funnel web spiders, but id be afraid to play with fire lol i hear the venom doesnt feel as pretty as they look. Lol
@Thelema777 in all honestly, you'd be more likely to be bitten by a T than a widow, I think. Their husbandry is ridiculously easy, and if you use basic common sense (use tongs, no hands in enclosures, no handling, etc.), your likelihood of being bitten is slim to none. With the exception of when they're guarding a sac (and thus get a little more defensive than usual), they're shy and almost always run and hide. From what I've heard, their venom certainly isn't pleasant, but it's generally not lethal without extraordinary circumstances (old age, weakened immune system, etc.), and I've kept several widows and never even come close to being bitten. They're one of the easiest spiders to keep, IMO, and really predictable. They're also super clumsy outside of their web, so they're not like Ts where they can just teleport and be up your tongs/arm in a second.

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