Latrodectus hasselti enjoying her weekly dinner

Latrodectus hasselti enjoying her weekly dinner

This female has developed far quicker than the other 11. It’s interesting because they are the same age. When I received them this individual was larger than the rest. Im very happy to have such a beautiful species finally and to see one with near adult colors.
Very nice! I need to get some Latrodectus species myself one day. Tried to keep one (whatever our native species is) in my parents garage once when I was a teenager, but it would only make its nest on the lid of the container I was using and I would destroy its web every time I opened it to feed her. I felt bad about it so after about a month I let her go out in our garden.
I slant a piece of cork bark or cardboard so they web there and not in the lid.
Oh wow, it's that easy? I remember I attempted to criss-cross some twigs (like 4 or 5?), but honestly, I'm sure the core of the matter is that the enclosure was too small. I was keeping her in one of those "Bug Jars" that they sell in kids entomology kits. Couldn't have been more that 3x3x5 inches. Lord how I've grown...

Either way, I actually have a really cool idea for a setup once I'm ready. I have a dried out, dead Rose Bush stump that I pulled out of my Mother in Law's garden earlier this year. I have been letting it cook in my car to make sure nothing is alive on it. It's got a perfect little crook in it that I think a Widow would appreciate. The thorns will really accentuate the alluring, sleek appearance of a Black Widow.
Sounds cool. I keep mine in 5.5 oz deli cups right now and will upgrade to 16 once they mature fully.

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