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The habitat I got this H. levittgreggae sling from has gone up in flames as of today. I tried to rescue as much from the jobsite as I could in the preceding weeks, but only captured this and one other Arbanitis sp.
No good. Have you been working the Hawkesbury River region lately? Hope some were underground far enough to survive. You can only do what you can. I am glad that we have yet to be significantly touched by any of the fires down here. I am still second guessing my decision to release the gravid Stanwellia hoggi that I found the other day in the current clime.
@Dave1969 nah, Clarence Valley and surrounds. So far where we are is not at risk but this is the first time in history I believe that Grafton has lost its humid air and got dry heat.

This one came from Glenreagh which had a fire burning there today, not sure of the damage yet but last I heard on the radio it was pretty bad as it's a VERY small town about 40 minutes out from Grafton fire station
Sounds like it will be a relief when you get to breath heavy sticky air again. Hopefully there are underground survivors in the spider world. The people need some relief too. Locally, we've been lucky with the worst of the conditions settling today. Everthing is dry. We need some good rain.
Damn, here in So Cal I have been experiencing the same habitat loss. People only think about the homes being lost to fire but not all the biodiversity, let alone the arachnids.
@Herp man Jack yea unfortunately that's how it seems to go. While all animals are definitely important, we keep seeming to focus on protecting iconic ones that in all reality, are not probably the biggest contributers to the ecosystem. I don't believe anybody here other than hobbyists have made one bit of effort to protect inverts, which lie at the core of nearly every ecosystem globally. Over the last few months, Ive for the first time noticed burrowing primitives directly impacted by drought and dying in their own burrows
Thank you for your efforts. Hope the others out there make it. It's a sad time for biodiversity and ecological stability.
@Ungoliant thank you for showing me this information. I actually forgot that Minibeast wildlife also do captive breeding work, so that's at least 2 organisations trying to help

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