Lampropelma violaceopes

Lampropelma violaceopes

5.5'' female.
awesome pic, love how the price dropped 20 bucks on these. hope it stays that way till my next order.
@Flexzone you'd think that if they changed the name of the "genus" that it would suit all of the species under that genus. It's getting more and more confusing; although, as long as they are accurate with their findings it's more appropriate than misclassification.
@Casey K feels like they don't know what to do and just trying to imitate an activity, anyway it's a bit strange to see asian burrowing species in an asian arboreal genus, and hati hati has disappeared from all these genuses (i really had tried to find it and failed :shifty:), what the hell they didn't like in haplopelma i want to know
@Cloud Chaser I agree. This is going to confuse certain hobbyists and by the time they complete their mission of reclassification, no one is going to know what "what" is anymore. Back in the day Brachy's used to be known as "Euathlus". Funny, huh?
That's a FIVE/FIVE for sure. HOW did you get her to cooperate? Pretty lucky she didn't hop off and leave!

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