Lampropelma Violaceopes?

Lampropelma Violaceopes?

Some say it's a morph of the Singapore blue(Cyriopagopus sp). Some say it's a different species. What are your thoughts?
hey, i reckon it's cyriopagopus schioedtei. lampropelma violaceopes, is leggy and super blue.

still a lush spider!
She was sold to me as a Lampropelma Violaceopes. She has the same physical characteristics as the Singapore Blue, but just a different combo of colors. I would love to find out for sure, because I would like to get her a boyfriend. She is awesome, out 24/7 for viewing! I'm wondering if she is the same species, but just a different morph, ie lowland and highland. If anyone has any more info please let me know
Isnt that a Haplopelma robustum aka Ornithoctoninae g. sp malaysia?
it was often sold as L. violaceopes...

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