Labeled Acanthoscurria geniculata
Was told it's an acanthoscurria geniculata, but I have a weird feeling it's not..
@PidderPeets Unfortunately yes. He's webbed off his hide so I don't want to bother him to change the substrate. He did eat yesterday but then sealed the entrance again over night. Tho his abdomen doesn't look big enough for premolt so I may change it this week anyways. I just don't want to bother him if he wants to be alone.
@littlemisstiny Even though he may want to be left alone right now, it'd be in his best interest to swap out the substrate (and add quite a bit since these tend to like burrowing) while he's still trying to adjust. It does take them a while to settle back in, but it's much better to change things when they haven't gotten super comfortable yet than to wait until they settle in only to change everything on them. That said, I'm glad you knew the substrate needed to be changed. You've done your research! :D

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