L. parahybana?
i supposedly have 2 L. parahybana females in my collection, but this one is soo much fluffier than the other one. both molted fairly recently.
Yeah definitely an albopilosum. Also are those wood chips as substrate? Heard that isn't too good especially as these guys like to burrow.
Wood chips are really not a good idea. Tarantulas generally have problems moving on the shifting ground and it can inhibit hunting behaviour. It also can lead to problems making a proper molting mat and even injure a molting (and therfore really soft) tarantula. Is there any reason why you didn't want to just give her normal earth to walk on?

And yes, it's B. albopilosum.
thanks for your input guys.

@boina an online shop for reptiles and invertebrates gifted me a package of woodchips (1-2 liters, dont remember the exact amount) when i ordered dubia roaches for a colony and a critter ceeper to keep them in. didn't want to throw it away so i spread it above the substrate of this ones enclosure. could always get rid of it though.

P.S. have not seen that the tarantula has any problems with the setup. molted just fine earlier this month and is showing normal behaviour.

P.P.S. got her for 20€, was labeled as L. parahybana. good deal or bad deal? she had one molt in my care. sexed her myself and had to ask you guys, as the spermatheca and general look do not indicate a lasiodora spp.
@Killertut I propose an experiment: clean part of her enclosure of the wood chips and see where she prefers to hang out: on the chips or on the smooth substrate. I'd bet she will prefer smooth substrate. And practically any speder is more valuable than an LP, so it was a good deal.

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