L. Parahybana or L. Klugi?
Tyler Scott

L. Parahybana or L. Klugi?

Hi all!
I uploaded a pic of my T late 2017 asking if anyone could tell me what species it is. I've now had what Im hoping to be a female for over a year, so thought I'd upload a new pic of 'her', to see if anyone could help now its a bit bigger?
I didn't really think of L. striatipes, it may very well be. 'She' does love a good burrow (as do L. striatipes looking at their care sheet!)
I'll research further!!!
@weibkreux I'll try to get another photo when she next decides to come out of her hidey hole. I only see her for about 10 mins every day when she drinks before she goes back under lol. Might wait till she molts next as colour will be more visible? I've also got to try to get a ventral shot to see about getting some opinions on 'her' sex!
Whatever it is, you should just label it as "Lasiodora sp." and never breed it. Because there's almost no way to tell any of the Lasiodora species apart, besides getting DNA. But honestly, I hope never breeds since you can't ID it. Because the thing I hate most in this entire hobby is hybrids, so no breeding and label it as "Lasiodora spp."
@Liquifin I never planned on breeding it. I would just like to know what species of T it is, I've put it down as a L.parahybana in my logs as thats what it was sold to me as but the place I bought them from isn't always the most reliable source of info... but ehh, its big (ish), pretty, and is entertaining to watch when 'she' is carrying lumps of dirt the size of 'her' body out of her already gigantic burrow so I don't really mind :)
I would say lp but I have no xp to lk. It looks alot like my lp. I don't know how similar they are. If they are hard to tell apart it is probably due to sellers improperly labeling lp as lk. I don't know that for sure i just suspect many don't get labeled properly

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