L. parahybana, female or male?

L. parahybana, female or male?

One more. I don't know how to sex. hopfully you guys can get a sex from this=)
Can somebody give me some guesses or SOMETHING??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I 'think' I see a flap there but a close up would be much better if you are looking for a proper sexing.

I'm guessing female right now but a well lit macro shot would be better.
Thanks Sathane! I wish i had a macro lens, but i don't=/ But I was thinking female too, Plus the molt is still kinda small, But since it is an L. parahybana she/he grew alot after this molt. I'll get some under side shots and see if you can sex from those=)
Actually you might not need to use a macro lens, just crop it closer prior to upload. Arachnoboards shrinks pictures down so we don't have a high res view of the relevant area.

I'm not going to wager a guess because it looks kind of 50/50 from here. Good luck.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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