Know What I Am? I Dont...

Know What I Am? I Dont...

Was given to me, just a here ya go, lady didn't have anything else to say about it.
Awesome guys! thanks a bunch. he/she/it is one of the best eaters I got, one very active T. Still hasn't given me a chance sex it. Wish I knew more about it before I got it, she didn't even know when it molted last.
I think its arboreal. Not 100% on that though, ive seen them in two pet stores and both pretty knowledgeable places and they kept the slings in tall bottles rather then shallow deli cups like they had all their terrestrials.
Right now I got it in a 10x8x9, should be fine in there until it molts a couple more times (only about 3inches now). Building a larger set up for my F-Singapore Blue because she is out growing her 10 gal, going to move this on into her old tank.
Now I noticed that since I moved my T-room around and placed this lil fella here next to my crested gecko tank (with uv light on 10-12 hours a day) its green color started to richen-up... is it just because its under better light that I can see or is it actually helping?
Because when you google green tarantula you get a lot of different results. This was much easier and now there is some nice pics up.
its lovely. i have an adult female and an unsexed juvie. keep them like p. irminia or pulcher. the cambridgei is not quite as aggressive as the above but theres always one isnt there.....

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