It's not a T, but I need help!

It's not a T, but I need help!

We found this spider in our kitchen and caught it and put it in a jar. She's pretty big, about the size across of my pinkie finger. I'm a bit concerned she's a hobo spider, since we do have them in this area..
a good way to tell if it is a hobo spider is if it has fuzz balls on the ends of its pedipalps
"Fuzz balls" on its pedipalps will only tell you if it is a male. You're not going to have Hobo spiders in Arizona--their maximum southern range is NW Utah, up in the mountains. The patterning of this spider also is simply not a T. agrestis "hobo." It's probably a T. saeva or T. atrica, both of which are harmless.

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