is this Haplopelma longipes?

is this Haplopelma longipes?

it was sold to me as a black velvet tarantula, but i know its know. it was my first t.
This is not a minax, not even the lighter variety. This most likely is H. longipes, but to be more certain better pics, and some info on where the importer got it from would help.
Here are two of mine, very different in appearance, both only 2-3 weeks post molt.

i got her at a LPS so no clue where it came from she just made a burrow last night so i dont want to dig her out right after she makes it when she comes out at night i will try. she some times has a little green on her carapace and her abdomen has a faded patern of tiger stripes she looks a lot like your second pic after a molt exactly like it actually she is really black with almost no white on her abdomen. do yours hiss at you?

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