Is this an Augacephalus breyeri?

Is this an Augacephalus breyeri?

pls help. a guy is selling me this as A. breyeri, but i'm not 100% sure if it's an actual one.
@KezyGLA he told me it's around 4inch DLS, could it be an ezendami or junodi? im not really familiar with the genus but by googling photos with similar lighting it really looks similar to ezendami
@Devastar The only way I could tell them apart recently is by checking the underside area of the abdomen area. the Augacephalus genus have different looking undersides. A. breyeri is the easiest to differentiate as the underside of the epigynial plate and coxa are hairier than the ezendami and junodi. For A. ezendami and junodi there abdomen undersides and ventral are a different but similar looking.
A picture of the epigynial plate and coxa is what you want, basically the sternum for short. So ask for a undershot of the Sternum under the T.
i asked for a 'clear' shot but whatever. maybe he got a bad cam. will this do?@Liquifin
that's not an A. breyeri for certain. That's either an A. ezendami or A. junodi, but it's not an A. breyeri.

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