Is this a tarantula??

Is this a tarantula??

  • jek
I caught it near my house...I wonder if it is a tarantula sling...if it is, her mama must be near where i found it right?

well if it is a tarantula what should I feed it??
If it were a tarantula, it'd be a very young one... looks like a member of the Lycosidae, or a "wolf spider" of some sort but can't say which species exactly.
Nope, that's a Wolf Spider, probably in the genus Hogna. Look at the eye arrangement; you can see two large, forward-facing eyes, something no tarantula would have, but something that IS a characteristic of Lycosids(Wolf Spiders). Still, don't be too disappointed; other than being a lot faster and not usually as handleable as many tarantulas, these do have a long lifespan for a true spider and make easy and interesting captives.


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