Is this a Heteropoda venatoria or something else?

Is this a Heteropoda venatoria or something else?

This fat gravid girl was found at 2000 feet in sequoia national forest California last night. She is impressive aside from her fat belly, she has a DLS of just over 4 “

First time ever finding a huntsman spider and this find was Worth every bit of no sleep.
@pannaking22 so is that what she is?Her legs have no black dots or anything close. She is very light but her carapace has the same markings.
@Hoxter she was in the river and I thought she was dead. She is recovering well and she ate, but still weak. I think by tomorrow she will be ready to be released back home.
No yellow but she has hints of purple under her legs. She is still weak and just sitting on the log I gave her so I was able to take a ton of pictures.
@Drea As I thought, it doesn't look quite right for H. venatoria. I think it may belong to Zoropsidae. With such good pictures, BugGuide might be able to narrow it down further if you submit an ID request.

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