My gorgeous new gbb. I felt need a name. 3' f
Wood chips have no place in a tarantula enclosure, they're incredibly dangerous for tarantulas.
You obviously didn't understand what I said. She's fine..bc I take care of all of mine with respect have a nice day
@sarahloveshantzel How could I understand what you said? Damb isn't a word, neither is bc. It's just a lazy way to say because. Respect isn't going to make your tarantula's abdomen resistant to punctures. I'm also not sure why you would put wood chips in their enclosure if you already knew how dangerous it was for them. That doesn't sound like respect for your animal's life at all. If you know something could seriously hurt them-- why on earth would you expose them to that thing?
@sarahloveshantzel I’m not holding a grudge, you posted a new picture of a new tarantula- with a new problem. Wood chips are a problem. You then said you understood they are a problem which led to the logical and natural question- why would you put something dangerous in your tarantula’s enclosure? Nothing about this interaction has been me reaching for something to nitpick. Wood chips are commonly known as bad news, it’s not even some obscure fact I pulled out just to argue. If you want someone other than me to say it @cold blood will tell you it as well.

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