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Trying speed up molt with heater. Is this bad idea? It’s on medium three feet away seems to warm up enclosure enough
Honestly unless the room is actually cold .u wont need the heater. And even then i just turn up the thermostat in the room. no since stressing it out during what is already a stressful time for em!
No. In order for a moult to be successful, your specimen will need to be well hydrated. Why risk dehydrating the T and risking a bad moult.

If you are an impatient person then maybe Grammostola are not recommended for you.
I just started doing this last night bcuz someone here told me it was good idea. And how do I know if my T is dehydrated. I give it fresh water every day but never see t drink. Only once or twice in the past two months I seen it drink water. My room kinda gets in the 60s at times so is it a good idea still.
My room does drop to the 60s at times so I keep a little heater to warm up my whole room.but I can be here with shorts and no shirt most of the time.
No worries there .I use a a heater in my living room as well in the colder months. Being cold sucks! If its got water it should he fine i know a nice big fat meal or two is what i think the best way to help em with gettin towards a molt other than that its in natures hands in my book .i do think temps closer to 70s is better than 60 tho so yeah use the heater just keep it away from the tank would be my solution
Ok. It refuses food tho. What would be a good meal for it. Last time t ate was a dubia roach. Like last month.
@semmy juarez as long as the enclosure doesnt go below 55c for long period of time then you will be fine.

Usually the telltale sign of dehydration is shrivelled abdomen. Though its not always obvious.

They will lose lots of their hydration during the moulting process, this is why its risky.
Thanks u guys are a lot of help. What do I do when it gets on it’s back? And does it matter if the enclosure is big so the t can walk around?

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