Idiothele mira sling

Idiothele mira sling

Nabbed this blue-footed beauty off Amanda from Tarantula Canada at Downsview Park, Toronto, Ontario at the Reptile Expo June 26th! I was surprised trap-door tarantula species even existed and was intrigued!
It's the only known trapdoor species of T. One of the most interesting species to watch hunt, esp if you get one that made a tunnel/s along the sides of the container like mine. You can watch them track the cricket and see how sensitive they are to movement over them.
@viper69 Interesting, I had no idea they were the only species to do this behaviour, I'll have to make a starter burrow in his/her new enclosure and pray it decides to tunnel there! xD I can only imagine how fast a fully grown specimen is this one travels between the two doors instantaneously it seems. Such a cool T so happy as this was the last one Amanda had for sale there (it got REALLY busy quick). Thanks for the info.
@Ciri What I did is put mine in a square container (no specific reason), coco fiber for sub, and put a cork bark slab at a 45degree angle against container wall. Mine took right for the natural space I created above the sub. Expect the sub to increase in height about 1-2" due to tunneling. Also, the secret to seeing the blue toes of yours more often than not is to keep them hungry. If they are fully satiated regularly, they have no reason to wait at the entrance. Keep it SLIGHTLY hungry and it will wait at the trapdoor/s it creates. Also provide it a water bowl, they will use it.
@viper69 Wow thank you so much for this info! This sounds like a surefire method to get a T to burrow right where you want. How often do you feed yours approximately? Right now I feed this little one every 14 days, it's not currently at a trap door however I'm not sure what it does at night.
@Ciri That's what we are here for. It's not a surefire way, I wish it was hah. I looked over my feeding records: every day to once every 3-5 days. After they molt, and are ready to eat, all my Ts are fed as often as they will eat. I see no need to ration out food like they live in a Nazi death damp. Esp as slings, they have one job, to eat so they can grow to avoid predators. You are feeding yours too little in my opinion. The trapdoor aspect is exciting. Sometimes they fly out entirely and can't find their way back in because they are moving so fast hah. Other times they back into the tunnel upside down w/the cricket in mouth. This is probably the only "pet hole" I will always own. Plus, being a semi-dwarf T they don't require too much space.
@viper69 Haha that sounds hilarious to see, yea I looked up some feeding videos and they really do dart out of that trap door lightning fast! In regards to feeding - Amanda had been feeding it every 2 weeks that's why I've been doing the same, however I completely understand the perspective that the whole purpose of a sling is to gain weight and then wait in premolt for their body to metabolize and prepare to get bigger. I'll feed it once every 5 to 7 days I think if that's the case - I agree it's a wise decision to feed them rapidly when they are this small to get them out of their most vulnerable stage of development. Thanks again for all this insight, cheers!

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