Idiosoma sp.
@RezonantVoid this species has a massive trapdoor similar to Euoplos but looks shaggy in comparison, they use small bits of leaves and debris and it has a messy hanging lower lip. The burrow isn't really raised or protruding at all and I've found these everywhere I've found the Palisades, tube spiders and arbanitis.
In my opinion they seem closest to cataxia in habit but have a very short abdomen.
What do you think? I have pics of burrows if needed
Oh and by the way they are a darn decent size, solid like a euoplos but solid dark colour with no pattern.
Also I mistook one of these as a Palisade in the trapdoor project communal tank but now know they are actually different species
First of all, holy heck, that is unlike any Idiosoma ive literally ever seen, but definitely one nonetheless. I instantly assumed it would be I.Berlandi but this has blown that idea out of the water.
Secondly, unfortunately I can't be of much assistance, I'd probably need to see one in person to be able to compare it with the others I've kept before. Out of curiosity, what soil type does it prefer to dig in?
I'd also send a male to the Aus Museum of you catch one wandering around this summer
Red soil or clay, they seem to be almost as prolific as the Arbanitis is here locally
@Rhino1 incredible, I always took these as a solitary genus. From my experience, they are what I call a "problem genus" in captivity, the are not usually as adaptable with substrate as other genus, which is why I asked about the soil type. My next shot at these I'll be using clay for sure. The ones down south actually arrange sticks, twigs and grass stalks into attractive patterns around the burrow in place of triplines, which is a habit usually only seen in western species like Gaius sp. I think. I'd be interested in seeing some burrow photos if that's alright, this beauty has quite peaked my interest.
@RezonantVoid I have a few of these now as I got some on the weekend as a by catch and find the sub adults juvies more inclined to dig in the peat Ive done a half half mix of clay soil and peat but have some on straight peat with starter burrows that haven't started yet
This spider looks like a literal military vehicle. She's already got ground based radar. Next molt she'll have missile launchers on the sides and maybe even rotors on the top for aerial combat. The US government would like to know your location. Hahaha
That's a freakin awesome comment @Androxian, I thiught that they are built like little tanks anyways, now I'm thinking urban assault vehicle

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