Idiommata sp. Silverback #1

Idiommata sp. Silverback #1

A rare treat to see her outside
These guys are definitely on my want list, idiomatta are awesome spiders. What sort of burrow entrance do they have
@Rhino1 a 3mm thick sealed lid, which they hold closed like a barnacle on a rock. I have no idea how people even find them in the wild unless chancing upon a pair mating. There is no silk or triplines or anything to give away the location, and the lid outline is so faint its hardly visible even under torchlight. All I know is this beauty came from Cooktown, and they are a horizontal digger. She doesn't really have a proper burrow, she just hides behind her lid in a little web lined cell, just big enough for her to molt in
@Rhino1 according to spidentify, they are all across the mainland, but I'd say they are probably standard short-range endemic species, so you have to be lucky enough to stumble across a compact colony in the wild. That's all I know so far. I have never seen a single one come up for sale again since I got this one.

About 40 minutes away from me Ive found what looks like an untouched rainforest microclimate in the middle of a dry gum forest (has palm tree canopy and everything). I think that given its remote location, there might be a few nice surprises tucked away there, and I honestly reckon there could be some Barychelidae sp.. Still trying to organise an expedition date, but I'll let you know if I find anything interesting there
Yep, sounds like a good area. We are on quite large acreage now and have access to some interesting looking places, have already noticed our lawn has a lot of wolf spiders in it. The main issue is finding areas that the cattle haven't churned up, hoping to maybe find some idiomatta sp here one day, fingers crossed
@Rhino1 sounds like there's definitely gonna something cool there! And yep, cattle drive me insane :arghh: wolf's are the only thing that can repopulate as fast as cows destroy fields, partly why I think the local Arbanitis here are restricted to a single hilltop. Best luck getting some Idiommata, I'll try and get a photo of her lid so you know what to look for
@RezonantVoid can you send me pictures of mantids you see in Australia? I'm rather curious and would like to learn about the species. Also those bark mantids (like the one you saw) are AMAZINGLY fast! They prey on many animals up the foodchain including wolf spiders which I find impressive. And where do you get the T's, funnelwebs and everything else that is not wild caught?

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