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Idiommata "Silverback"

Idiommata "Silverback"

This beautiful girl low-key asking for a rehouse. The rainbow polychromatic leg hair is absolutely stunning, and in my opinion makes her worth more than nearly any overseas T I could want
Thank you! I would absolutely love to, you Aussies have so many amazing creatures I'd love to check out, not least of which mygalomorphs. I have family in Ballarat that I hope to visit in the near future, which is close to you I think.


@Arthroverts Ballarat is 22 solid hours of driving south of me lol, but if you go during our spring and summer period (September to February) you may chance upon the wandering males of the Red Headed Mouse spider, arguably the most beautiful mature males of all primitive spiders in our country. They are more common down the southern parts of the country. Carapace is bright, vivid red and the abdomen is metallic blue-turquoise
@RezonantVoid, gotcha. I may have mixed up Victoria and New South Wales on Google Maps; it all looks so small :D. Oh well, I'm still hoping that maybe one day...

How many spiders do you have in your collection by the way? Every time you post a photo it seems that it's a new spider, ha ha.


@Arthroverts at this point I have lost count lol, getting yet another addition today as well. But it's probably at around the 80-90 mark not including my sling colonies.

The further north you go up the coast, generally the more species there is as the temperature goes up. North and West Queensland is also where most of our larger T's are at, as well as this beautiful Idiommata. I know a few spots around the NSW/QLD border where you can find almost 7 different species from multiple families and genus in only 2 square metres
@RezonantVoid, wow! I wish that many species and specimens were available in the US. I have a friend who is a huge mygalomorph fan who regularly messages me about if I've seen any trapdoors for sale, and I usually have to reply with a negative unfortunately.

That is absolutely nuts! I'd love to visit that place; I'll keep you in mind if I ever make it to New South Wales!



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