My guess is also Ethmostigmus trigonopodus. I hope that’s not the substrate you’re keeping it on.
"Red headed tiger Tanzania" normally refers to Scolopendra morsitans, which is not what this is, nor does it look like an Ethmostigmus trigonpodus as others have suggested.

This is what an an Ethmostigmus trigonpodus looks like. Note the proportions of the first 3 visible tergites. Also, if yours doesn't have a big round orange spongy spiracle in the same position as on this photo then it's definitely something else. I'm leaning towards a Cormocepalus sp but am not sure - you'd have to study it closely and key it out.

Also, there is/would be nothing wrong with the substrate in the picture (I know it's not your enclosure).

That looks much like what I keep both types of Ethmositgmus trigonpopdus I have on: dry earth, debris and some pebbles here and there. We need to move away from this idea that all centipedes need to be kept in damp soil. Many centipedes come from pretty arid areas, and keeping them in a small damp wet tub usually ends badly.

Have a flick through the first ten images you get from typing Ethmositgmus trigonpopdus into Google and look at the difference in the substrate in the wild and in captivity :)

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