Can anyone id this tarantula at all? Was sold as a Brazilian Black but obviously isn't. It is quite a defensive spider,very fast and a very heavy webber
That's curious. At first sight, I would've said Homoeomma chilensis because of the tuff of red hair, but neither your description nor the overall appearance quite fits.
The abdomen and her legs have kind of a greenish tint. Maybe some Euathlus sp.? I heard some of them can be quite skittish.

This is all just guessing. I wait for more knowledgeable people to chime in. ;)
@Thekla I don't know of any heavy webbing Euathlus though. That and the attitude made me think Chilobrachys but there is no Chilobrachys with that red patch on the abdomen. It definitely looks terrestrial\fossorial. I'm a little lost on this one.
@Greasylake You're right, of course, I haven't heard of a heavy webber in the Euathlus genus either. ;)
But my guess would be it's still a NW species. I'll definitely follow this. It's quite intriguing. :pompous:

@Lottie81 Whatever it is, it's gorgeous! :)
D. diamantinensis in serious need of a moult?

If not that then the best I can narrow it down to is one of the NW species without urticating hairs

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