ID Please

ID Please

Anyone any idea what this is? Its around 4cms leg span
No idea about the species, but if it's a tarantula then it's a dwarf species because this seems to be a mature male. ;)
@dangerforceidle no idea.. came to us after being rescued. Doesnt seem to be a burrower and is showing no interest in food. Rehoused it as its previous enclosure was full of mould.. hence why it is on my sons hand. Didnt appear overly fast/skittish during transfer and showed no defensive behaviour. For now we have provided around 4 inches of substrate, a small hide/burrow and a water dish and hope for the best :anxious:
@SuetheBlue As Thekla noted, he's definitely a mature male. He'll be trying his best to find a mate, and any 'normal' behaviours for a female or juvenile will likely not be exhibited.

The genus Fufius is pretty common in the EU tarantula hobby, and there are some google images that match (search: Fufius mature male, switch to images). I'd guess it's a mature male from this genus.

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