ID please

ID please

Got this for $10.00 from our less than knowledgeable local pet store. The tag on the tank listed it as a "Pink Beauty". The carapace has a nice dark blue sheen when illuminated and it isn't aggressive at all. Could someone please ID it?
You think? I've never seen one with a blue carapace and a reddish abdomen before. They have A. seemani at the same store but none of them are coloured the same as this one is.
What color are the spinnerettes? It does look like an A. seemani, but your other option would be E. campestratus based solely on the common name. The two look sorta similar, but A. seemani will have tan spinnerrettes and underbelly.
Hi oxbaker,

I would also suggest what you have is the spider currently described as Thrixopelma cyaneolum.

Thanks to everyone for the input.

I've never heard of Thrixopelma cyaneolum before but after looking it up via Google I'm pretty sure that my mystery is solved. I'm actually surprised that it turned up at the pet store here since they never seem to get any uncommon sorts of tarantulas. I mean this is the same place that got a solifugid in stock and labelled it a "sagafud".

Anyhoo, thanks again. I appreciate the assistance.

Never heard of Thrixopelma cyaneolum either but after seeing pics on other sites I'd agree with Scourge and GoTerps. E. campestriatus looks similar but is much hairier.
Sof said:
What pet store did you buy it from?
Sorry, I was just checking out my gallery and realized that you'd asked me a question. This spider came from Elgin Pet in St. Thomas, Ontario.

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