Id please

Id please

Sold as aphonopelma seemanii, but this spider looks to me like hysterocrates gigas, size 2,5"
That is NEVER A. Seemani... H. Hercules or H. Crassipes. Never like hysterocrates too much so im not an expert on id-ing them...but still think its h hercules or crassipes ;)
that´s seemanni.
the bald area at the ophistosoma look´s like there were urticating-hairs and i see red spinnerts.
FINALLY someone that knows something about the hobby. that tarantula does not resemble a member of the Hysterocrates genus. IN ANY WAY. the bald patch clearly suggests that we are dealing with a New World specie. the the build, size and the orange spinerette is a clear observation that would tell anyone in the hobby that this is an A. seemani. this is just a rather uncommon colouration. this fellow will look great after a Moult
i can actualy almost garantee it is a "GUATAMALAN BLUE" tarantula there quiet docile , Guatemalan Blue originate from the tropical forests of Guatemala ....... not many people have had the chance to see these due to hardly any reptile/pet store holds these guys
A. seemani / Guatemala

Post moult, she was beautifull.

Sorry, I don´t speak English verry well.

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