ID my friends T

ID my friends T

its NOT G aureostriata. austin was spot on. E campestratus is what your friend has :) really nice but have different personalities. tell him or her to keep it. its a treasure :)
I figured austin was right, but I am new to this stuff and just had to ask. :) Austin I looked back at some of your past posts and you seem very knowledgeable with T's. :worship: Thanks Austin and Michael for your help.
Now in all honesty, how much is somthing like this worth? My friend is thinking about selling it, and I am thinking about buying it, but I don't know what a fair price would be. Any ideas? :confused:
if he doesnt know how much its worth, that your advantage. you could kinda rip him off. try 30 - 40 $ (i am not sure what selling prices are for tarantulas in america so please correct me.
two things that are totally irrelevant. one i love your T :). two: ironically, a person mentioned that he thought it was a G aureostriata, and that was what E campestratus was mistaken for for a long time.
Thank you. Id say a fair price should be around $40-$50. It seems as though this species has dwindeled a little over the past years in this hobby. I've seen adult females sold for close to $90 at one point. Should have never gotten rid of my girl! :rolleyes: One of the nicest display beauties. I could hold her while she was on her back for presentations while talking. I'd buy it if I were you.;)
I agree with Austin. That's definitely an E. campestratus. I have two and I LOVE THEM! Great species. I thought I'd post to throw in my 2 cents on price. I recently purchased one for $50 from a friend who got totally out of tarantulas, and I have seen them advertised for no less than $60. That being said, they still are not terribly expensive, and I think that a reasonable range is $50-$80.
Austin is have a Pink Zebra Beauty (Eupalstreus campestratus). I just sold two of my adult females for $125 each and I had quite a few people that wanted them at that price. Good luck....they are wonderful tarantulas!

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