Id?  I Know Its One Of Two, But Which One?

Id? I Know Its One Of Two, But Which One?

was sold as uncertain, i figure its one of two that I have found, whats your guess?
I HAD exactly the same size in your picture. Yes that is a Nhandu chromatus. careful holding it, out of all my T's that thing gave me the most hellish itching experience.
Strangely my B. Bohemi has sent WAY more hairs than this one, for now anyway. Dolce comes to me with ease. Thank you for the input!
I still remember a pink zebra tarantula that made my ex and me itch so bad I had to return it to the store I got it from. My Theraphosa blondi made me itch pretty bad also, but I had to keep that one. That's why I love old world tarantulas even though they're mean and potent.

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Tarantula Identification
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