I wish i had money for more of theese enclosure

I wish i had money for more of theese enclosure

This pink toe loves this log
I have the Zilla version of this, but a little narrower and taller. Love it for my arboreals. I also only have one, at $79 a pop they are not cheap enclosures. I do like using glass over plastic. Makes taking photos much easier. Plastic seems to have lots of little swirls and flaws that my phone camera always seems to pick up. You can hot glue that water dish to that log to secure it. Hot glue cures pretty quick. If you have more time for it to cure you could use aquarium silicone sealant; which will be more secure than hot glue. But silicone takes at least 48 hours to fully cure and quit giving off vapors. Both are safe to use and non toxic. Just don't put hot hot glue in with the spider LOL. Make sure its cool and hard before placing the spider in. Only takes a few minutes.
@BladeGypsy I've had the screen top in mine with my Avicularia avicularia and have not had an issue in 4 years. If that T was terrestrial though I'd replace it with drilled plexiglass or Polycarbonate, but it appears to be an Avic species. Terrestrials seem to really get their climbing claws stuck and lose legs to screen tops or suffer fatal falls. Its their heavy bodies compared to arboreal Ts. Those metal mesh tops though seem to really cause issues for both arboreals and terrestrial Ts. I think it is because they can get their toes inside the bigger holes.
I moved the water dish once the t got out of the way. Ive had the t in there for about a month and a half so i put the water up on that to ensure the t found it. i just got that round log put in there and it seems to love it. For an avic it webbed alot inside the log. Thanks for the comments. Yea i honestly think the screen holes are to small on this tank to actually catch a foot because the leg cant even fit through the hole. But i havnt been keeping long. But if i cant afford another tank right now i dont know how id afford a new lid. But im glad nobody has said oh ur substrate is to dry lmao. Bah humbug
@spacelord I know Lowe’s or Menard’s will cut plexiglass to the dimensions you give them. That is what I did for my Aphonopelma seemanni and Aphonopelma chalcodes, because they were climbers. You can use a soldering iron to melt perfect holes in it. I had mine made so they would sit on the little lip at the inside top of the enclosure

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