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One of my I.mira Ts were out for quite a while the other day. It's rare that I see them out of the burrows so I grabbed a few shots. My Ts are all so fat.

Trenor, Aug 4, 2016
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      She is a little chub... and a glorious one at that! Look at those gorgeous markings.
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      Lol looks like a terrestrial new world with that butt
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    • Trenor
      She had just got done with a big roach but yeah she is a bit hefty.
    • KezyGLA
      What a big girl. Beautiful! I'm rehousing mine later today hopefully get a few shots before she goes beneath aha
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    • Storm76
      That's one overfed mira indeed...
    • Trenor
      @Storm76 In my defense that is the 1st time since it made it's burrow that I have seen more then feet. Hard to judge T size when you never see the T. Then again it is easy to over feed with the roaches. I've moved their feeding schedule time so there is more time between feedings.
    • Storm76
      As a little advise: If you keep them less obese, they'll also show up more frequently looking for food. It's the reason why I prefer less big prey items usually. But I get what you said there, no worries.
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    Aug 4, 2016
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