I don't know

I don't know

Is this a Geniculata or seemani?
Thanks Paulo
Acanthoscurria Geniculata

Mark it down! No question. White border on the cephalothorax and red setae on the abdomen. Definatly not Aphonopelma seemani. Great T BTW. :D

P.S., I have both, I know what each looks like.
A. Geniculata is my vote!
From looking at the picture it looks bigger then the A. Seemanni, Givin the fact that its abdomen is shaped more like the A. Geniculata's, As apidaeman stated in the post above it does look like it has red setae on its abdomen. I my self have had a few A. seemanni's, even the ones iv power fed never had a abdomen like that, And I haven't seen any seemanni's with an abdomen that big yet lol.
either way you still have your self a Gorgeous T :D
this is A. geniculata. since when does A. seemani have red rump hair?

this is clearly A geniculata, no question about it. trust me i've seen many of these, as well as seemani...


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