Hysterocrates laticeps pairing
@korg like barely 5". Kinda guessing if she's mature or not. Guess we'll see.

Have you bred the genus? Any estimations on when I should expect a sac if successful?
I havnt, but my friend have, dont know the time it took to lay a sac but once it hatched, he let the slings and female live in tge same tank untill the offspring was large juveniles, subadults. I guess the clutch wasnt very big! Less than 100 i think?
Cool! So (this is new to me) you used a small neutral area for pairing -- is that better/safer than introducing the male to the female's lair?

Good luck for a healthy sac!!! :) (fingers crossed)
@Venom1080 Got it! I had wondered. And had even considered that maybe a neutral area was used sometimes.
[Guess it's very obvious I haven't bred any Ts -- lol]

Anyway -- hope you get a healthy sac :)
@Venom1080 I actually paired the genus (H. gigas) for the first time last week... was going to suggest whoever has the sac drop first must send the other some slings but I see you're in Canada. Anyway, we shall see. Good luck with yours and you should post some pictures when you have updates!

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