Homoeomma sp. blue peru

Homoeomma sp. blue peru

Freshly moulted and now a bit over 1" :)
I have a couple of Homoeomma sp. Blue, but they didn't state that they were Blue Peru. They are awesome and I can't wait until they are a bit bigger. They are probably around the .5-.75" mark now. Awesome appetites on them.
@VanessaS It was sold to me as "blue peru", but I've no idea if it's type 1 or 2. Apparently 1 stays kinda small, while 2 gets to normal T size (whatever that means ;)).
I guess, I'll see how big it gets. :D

And yes, they're great eaters until they get into premoult, which is about half the time. *lol*
@Thekla Yes, I saw that as well - H.sp.Blue large is really T.lagunas and small is T.cyaneolum. I checked and mine are large. All those species are a mess and I'll be surprised if I am ever 100% sure what I have. And to make it even more confusing, I got a Thrixopelma sp. Blue at the same time!
@VanessaS Yeah, what a mess! :rofl: Looking at your pics we probably have the same species, haven't we? I certainly suspect that I got the "big" one, too, judging by how fast it grows. ;)

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