Home made Ferrero Rocher enclosure.

Home made Ferrero Rocher enclosure.

Now i just need to find an arboreal sling to put in it. Credits for design go to The Dark Den YouTube channel.
I did a pretty similar one but for Caribena, so there were more bark pieces glued on top of the enclosure. Petko’s idea is great and cheaply you can get a display enclosure for a sling. Also, great execution on your part :)
Saw these on Dark Den too and thought they were cool. Thanks for posting this pic. How much did it cost you to make it?
@WildSpider Very little really, i probably spent about £10 on all the bits and pieces (hinges, glue, magnets) but i bought all these in multi packs so i could make at least a few more for just the cost of the chocolates (usually about £4 here).
@SpaceM Love the look of the enclosure you made and sounds like a good price. I might have to try and find some of these chocolates now:).

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