heteropoda venatoria

heteropoda venatoria

one of the most well known huntsman spiders, the venatoria is mostly found in tropical areas of asia, but some are observed in north america also. they are easily distinguishable by their crab-like apperance and a yellow line between the eyes and the mandibles.
Where was this one found in North America? I am thinking anywhere there is caves, there is a good chance of finding a Huntsman spider. Just my opinion because I thought I watched a nature show on tv about these and other arachnids. Thought the guy on the tv show said most Huntsman spiders like to live in caves where it is dark and damp.
@BCspiderman7 to be specific, they are known to occur in southern states of america, like florida or new orleans. i've never been spider-hunting in caves, but i've heard there are some species of huntsman, like the H.maxima, that lives almost exclusively in caves. this one i found at a banana tree.
@blackTigrex Oh wow, see I just learned something......Thank you! I lived in Florida and also Alabama for several years when younger and never knew there were Huntsman spiders. Saw and caught lots of banana spiders but never a Huntsman. Very cool to learn about them. :)

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